• Protection and restoration of the Hudson River Estuary will depend upon the efforts of many partners to accomplish our shared goals.
  • A healthy Hudson River contributes to our local economy and quality of life through recreation, tourism and jobs.
  • Water quality improvements benefit habitats for waterfowl, migratory birds and other species, and leads to increased recreational opportunities.
  • A comprehensive plan to restore and revitalize the Hudson River.


Sound science is vital to our understanding of the Hudson River Estuary. It helps identify problems, develop solutions and guide decision-making.


Successful habitat restoration will increase the health and diversity of the river and preserve the many critical functions that these habitats provide.

Community Resilience

Restoration of natural systems can help protect waterfront communities and help them adapt to future extreme weather events and sea-level rise.


Enhanced public access ensures that residence and tourists can enjoy many recreational opportunities.  These activities create jobs and contribute to local economies.

Hudson River Estuary

Latest Updates

Annual Watershed Conference

November 2, 2016 
8:30 am to 4:00 pm

Henry A. Wallace Center at the FDR Presidential Library & Home in Hyde Park, NY.

Theme: This year’s Annual Watershed Conference will focus on science, policy and
communications, challenges and case studies relevant to protecting drinking water supplies and
source waters in the Hudson Valley in the context of changing climate, drought and flood risks,
contaminants of emerging concern, and other issues.

Proposals for presentations are now being accepted. A list of topics and additional information can be found at this link.

Registration for this conference will open in early September.



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Photo Credits:   Panoramic images of Hudson River © Carl Heilman II;   Swimmers © Wendy Brown;   Kayakers © Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies